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  Dual Headlight kits for 2003-2006 ZX6R's (636), ZX6RR's 2004-2005 ZX10R's. Kits also availble for Honda CBR's: F4i, 600RR, 1000RR, & RC51. 

Dual Headlight Kits, custom lighting & exhausts.

Real Carbon Fiber Trim Appliques for Motorcycle Fuel tanks, Caps & Auto Dashes.

Performance Carbon can be wrapped around contours, edges, and irregular surfaces. Standard sheets can be easily cut for personalized designs, and pre-cut tank and fuel caps for a variety of motorcycle models for nearly effortless application.

      Tank Pad              Honda 7 Hole               Kawasaki 5 Hole & 7 Hole

        Ducati          Suzuki 7 Hole          Yamaha 5 Hole & 7 Hole

Available for: Ducati, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki & Yamaha motorcycles.

Japanese Text / Script available in approximately 3.5 X 3.5 inches each.


   Hayabusa            Hayai                Chikara              Katsu                Taka

    (Falcon)             (Speed)             (Power)             (Win)               (Eagle)

      Kaze                  Tora

     (Wind)               (Tiger)

Freestyle sheets available for other makes and custom applications. Also available in Silver, Red, Blue & Pink. Inquiries welcome.

Custom Applications & Colors using Freestyle Sheet above.